About us

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Who we are
The Trade Union of Employees in Higher Education (abbreviation: FDSZ) is the third largest sectoral Union in Hungary. It organizes staff members of higher educational institutions such as teachers (professors, lecturers etc.), researchers, administration staff, support personnel, technical assistant staff, teachers in university practising schools and already retired higher education staff members..

What we do
FDSZ is an independent organisation that safeguards higher education employees' interests.  It works according to laws and other legislative acts. It is able to create alliances with other organisations. FDSZ and its institutional organisations have rights to represent their members' interests on forums where governmental goals are defined, draft legislative acts are prepared and decisions are taken concerning education and research in higher education. Furthermore, it maintains and develops its relationships with both national and international organisations representing the interests of public servants employed in higher education.

Leaders of FDSZ  
Dr. Szilárd Tőrös
University of Pannonia

Dr. László Kis Papp
Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Dr. Sándor Drávicki
University of Nyíregyháza

Zsolt Pálfia
Eötvös Lóránd University

International relations

Trade Union of Employees in Higher Education (FDSZ)

Address: H-1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor u. 10.  
Phone: + 36 1 322 8550  
Fax: + 36 1 322 8451  
E-mail: fdsz@fdsz.hu  
Website: www.fdsz.hu  


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